This programme focuses on health-related issues confronting Zimbabwe as well as their social and economic impact. It examines international, regional, national, government, civil society, community and private sector efforts addressing these issues. Particular attention is paid to the demographics of chronic, non-communicable diseases and infectious diseases, as well as their prevention and treatment. The educational tour includes exposure to a variety of healthcare environments as well as community-based research.

Travelling to Zimbabwe for the health and community development tour is unlike other tourist trips, you are coming to immerse yourself within local communities – living through the public health issues as the locals do. Pre-medical school and public health students will find this programme ideal to expose them to African communicable and non-communicable diseases, some of which are endemic to Africa such as malaria.


Day 1: Arrive in Zimbabwe

Day 2: In-country orientation and welcome dinner

Day 3: City Tour and service-learning project introduction

Day 4-7: Service Learning project work and Cultural Exposure
  • Survival language course
  • Evening cooking class
  • Infectious diseases
  • Diseases of poverty
Day 8-12: Travel to second service learning project: Mutare
  • Public health policy
  • Community healthcare
  • Health survey
Day 13-15: Travel to third service learning project: Karoi
  • Maternal and child health
  • Rural healthcare system
  • Alternative medicine
  • Day 16: Departure
Highlights Of The Tour
  • Examine developing world urban and rural epidemiology
  • Assess the unique challenges and inequities in public health policy, social and economic disparities in healthcare management
  • Sharpen your research and presentation skills when conducting and presenting your own independent study project
  • Work side by side with healthcare professionals in an environment very different from your own
  • Explore the interface between public health and development

The above is a provisional 2-week itinerary, which Tiritose will customise to match your collective interests. We are flexible in how we put together educational tours, and we will work with you to come up with a bespoke itinerary. Please download the client needs analysis form, complete it, and send it back to us, and one of our worker bees will respond with a draft itinerary for your review. Do not despair if you cannot find an ideal placement site, the list below is only meant to highlight the diversity of our programmes, and not an exhaustive list.


The capital city, and commercial hub of Zimbabwe, dubbed to have the best sunshine in the world. You will arrive at Robert G. Mugabe International Airport, where our friendly staff will be waving a big “Tiritose” sign welcoming you to the adventure of a lifetime! We will take you on a comprehensive orientation programme, providing background information on Zimbabwe, which will all help put the upcoming tour in perspective. You will be able to appreciate the many contrasts that exist in present day Zimbabwe, and the legacy of colonialism.

Accommodation: Bronte Garden Hotel: shared rooms, with twin beds and ensuite bathrooms in downtown Harare.

Known as ‘Zimbabwe’s Gateway to the Sea’ due to its proximity to the Mozambican border, Mutare is nestled between the Imbeza Valley and Bvumba mountains, with a humid subtropical climate. Similar to other Zimbabwean cities, Mutare classifies residential neighbourhoods according to population density. Sakubva is one of the high density neighbourhoods inhabited by half of the over 200,000 people, despite an area of less than four square miles. The large outdoor food and flea market is the backbone of the economy in this neighbourhood, and also a hub for diseases such as cholera and typhoid that have become rampant with the lack of access to clean, running water in recent years. Farming and mining are the mainstays within the surrounding areas, and this too has implications on public health issues.

Accommodation: Holiday Inn: shared rooms, twin beds and ensuite bathrooms

A rural district along the Zimbabwe-Zambia main road, which came about as a result of a government backing of European farmers who wanted to embark on an expedition to farm tobacco. It is also home to one of the best referral hospitals in the country, recognised for becoming the first to complete two full years of 100% HIV-free newborns in Zimbabwe. People travel from far and wide to visit the hospital, which also made headlines by accepting payments from patients in peanuts and goats, as a form of barter trade.

Accommodation: shared house on the hospital grounds.


Click here! To Download the Educational Tours Needs Analysis Form

Contact Tiritose for further information about the save the wildlife educational tour. If you have your own educational tour or preferred itinerary in Zimbabwe, we can still assist with accommodation arrangements, airport pickups and leisure tours when you have some free time. We have friendly and energetic worker and queen bees who are passionate about Zimbabwe, they will answer all your questions and will be able to take you to all the places you may be curious about!

they came, they EXPERIENCED, they loved it!

Tiritose is amazing, and as for Zimbabwe, I have no words. I have really enjoyed my time here, from going to Pari (largest public hospital), and Ecosurgica (upmarket specialty private clinic), and then our in Magunje in the rural areas, and awww! the excursions. Best internship ever.


It is a good programme for experiencing real Zimbabwean life and local culture. Especially for people who enjoy educating and playing with kids, as well as someone who intend to expand their knowledge on floras and faunas


"Harare may not be the first gap year destination on your mind, but I have been blown away during my time here. It is a beautiful country, with the best climate I've experienced yet and the friendliest people"


"Zimbabwe has given me so much more than a volunteering exercise, its broadened my horizons and taught me so much about the human spirit and … oh! along the way I’ve worked with some inspirational people with a vision to have addiction treatment delivered in this country. So I have to come back, again and again to see this vision and dream realised"


"My time with the children? Well, where can I start? Number 1, they defintiely changed my life, I saw life from their own eyes, so innocent and full of hope. I was just happy to play big brother to them all. Remembering my third grade vocabulary wasn't as easy as I thought it would be haha!"



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The educational tours are open to both high school and university students, who may either be led by a teacher or faculty member, or on their own. The tour is an immersive programme for those interested in acquainting themselves with the African healthcare system. Students and faculty who enjoy unconventional and handson learning are well suited for this adventure tour to uncover a different way of patient care and treatment in Africa, and relating it to their home countries.

Very Simple !!

Just fill in the application form,

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Please start your initial inquiry at least three (3) months before your preferred start date!

Tiritose is a one-stop-shop! We provide airport pick up and will take you to your first night accommodation, sort out refreshments and meals. After a good night rest, we will start your in-country orientation, which will be done at a pace that suits your needs and we will make sure to show the group some amazing places at the same time. Once the in-country orientation is complete, we will provide a shuttle service that will go between your accommodation and activity centre for each of the days.

  • Application process
  • Pre-departure information pack
  • Webinars on cultural sensitivity and culture shock
  • Airport pick-up and drop-off
  • In-country orientation
  • Accommodation (shared): including laundry, WiFi, and all utilities (each group will have an option to choose a suitable accommodation)
  • All meals according to the chosen meal plans
  • In-country transportation
  • Adventure travel to areas that are part of the tour
  • 24/7 on-ground support
  • Mobile phone, and local sim-card
  • Flights
  • Travel and medical Insurance
  • Visas (where applicable)
  • Meals and drinks other than those specified above
  • Recreational activities other than those specified above
  • Any other items of a personal nature

Contact Tiritose for further information about the innovation, entrepreneurship and development educational tour. If you have your own educational tour or preferred itinerary in Zimbabwe, we can still assist with accommodation arrangements, airport pickups and leisure tours when you have some free time. We have friendly and energetic worker and queen bees who are passionate about Zimbabwe, they will answer all your questions and will be able to take you to all the places you may be curious about!



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