A selection of tours that will be customised to your interests, and your available time!



The essence of this tour is to introduce visitors to Harare, sunshine city. We explore the galleries, historical buildings and monuments, including government buildings as well as Parliament.

You will be picked up from your accommodation by an experienced guide, who is quite passionate about travel, and more so about sharing knowledge on the hometown. Morning tours start off at the coffee shop, introducing you to some Zimbabwean coffee or tea, and homemade cookies.


  • Duration: 8 hours (there is an option for a 2-hour; and half day 4-hour tour)
  • # of attractions: 6
  • Travel distance: 124 Kilometres
  • Per person cost: $54
    • Coffee: a taste of pure arabica beans, roasted and brewed while you wait. Local Tanganda tea is an option
    • Galleries: explore the different galleries, and take in contemporary art
    • First Street: live through the century, and enjoy live performances from street theatre
    • Historical Buildings: marvel at the Rhodesian architecture, including one of the greenest buildings in the world
    • Kopje: Take in the city from the highest point in the city. 



The oldest township in Zimbabwe, equivalent to Soweto in South Africa. The area represents everything that has gone right and wrong in the country. There is no better representation of Zimbabwe than the township of Mbare. The tour takes you from pre-colonial Zimbabwe, under Chief Mbari (from whom the area is aptly named), to the remnants of the First World War, to colonial rule & establishment of the hostels (that remain to this day), to migration patterns, presented by various nationalities inhabiting the area to this day, diverse religious sects, and then to contemporary art and culture.

You have the option of a full day, half day and a 2-hour tour. The details below are for a full day tour! We can work with you to determine the best route that fits your schedule!


  • Duration: 8 hours (there is an option for a 2-hour; and half day 4-hour tour)
  • # of attractions: up to 14
  • Travel distance: 63 kilometres
  • Per person cost: $60

    • Mai Musodzi Hall
    • Mupedza Nhamo Market
    • Fresh Fruit Market
    • Craft & Curio Market
    • The first Apartments (dormitories)
    • The first houses
    • Mbare High School
    • Carter House (overnight accommodation place)
    • Nyau Centre & N’anga (Zvigure)
    • Rufaro Stadium Tour
    • Matapi Flats (music studios)
    • Apostolic Faith sects
    • Shebeen
    • Mbare Bus terminus



The essence of this tour is to introduce visitors to Zimbabwe and Harare specifically. It is a crash course into the DNA of the City of Harare. This is not just another city orientation tour, it is more than just seeing significant buildings, visiting significant sites, and meeting the friendliest people you will ever encounter. We take you through the symbols that make Harare unique, the leading religions, family life (together with Shona cooking lessons), the fashion and other urban and city customs and traditions, all making up a city of many contrasts.

You will be picked up from your accommodation by an experienced guide, who is quite passionate about travel, and more so about sharing knowledge on the hometown. Morning tours start off at the coffee shop, introducing you to some Zimbabwean coffee or tea, and homemade cookies.


  • Duration: 8 hours
  • # of attractions: 6
  • Travel distance: 109 Kilometres
  • Per person cost: $106
    • Family Life: Domboshava: typical polygamous household and the Chief’s council
    • Mall culture: Sam Levy’s Village, Eastgate Centre and High Glen Mall
    • Conservation: Monavale Vlei and Mukuvisi Woodlands
    • Religion: Mapostori (outdoor worship), Pentecostal Church, N’anga (traditional healer)
    • Education: Orphanage, a school, National Museum of Human Sciences, City Library
    • Modern: Dance, music, fashion, Nyau



Experience the sunshine city (Harare) differently with walk down days past; a true journey through time. Live through pre-colonial times, the coming of the first settlers, colonial rule and failed black resistance, then to the war of independence, until you arrive in contemporary Zimbabwe. This is a very mobile tour, combining walking and driving through key attractions that help make sense of where Zimbabwe came from, where it is currently, as well as an invitation to map out where Zimbabwe could be headed.


      • Duration: 8 hours
      • # of attractions: 8
      • Travel distance: 138.3 kilometres
      • Per person cost: $84
  • Pre-colonial Zimbabwe: Chaminuka Shrine & Pioneer Bridge (Chaminuka predicted the coming of white settlers, and the bridge was first route the settlers used en route to Salisbury – the lemon tree planted remains today). Area is sacred, and spiritual rituals take place.
  • Colonial rule: The story of Borrowdale and Avondale – then First Chimurenga (black resistance to colonisation)
  • First World War: Pioneer (Colonial) Cemetery
  • Summary of Rhodesian and Zimbabwean heritage: National Archives of Zimbabwe
  • Unilateral Declaration of Independence: First Street and Robert Mugabe Street (formerly Manica Street)
  • Kopje: 360 degree view of the city – Mbare, the first African township & the growth of industry
  • Second Chimurenga: National Heroes Acre
  • Zimbabwe Independence: Parliament of Zimbabwe



You probably think you can look up what to do in Harare and find a list that you can tick off? Wrong! Harare has more to offer than you could possibly imagine, not even locals have fully explored this metropolitan city. If it is your first time travelling to Africa, Harare is the best choice you made to induct yourself on the African arts scene. From permanent national collections, to contemporary exhibitions, our experienced art enthusiastic guide is on hand to take you through and explain everything you need to know! You will have an opportunity to interact with local artists, who will also talk to you about their work, from paintings, graffitti to sculptures – fine and visual arts.


  • Duration: 8 hours
  • # of attractions: 7
  • Travel distance: 124 kilometres
  • Per person cost: $84
  • National Art Gallery and Harare Gardens
  • Gallery Delta
  • Chapungu Sculpture Park and Doone Estate
  • Village Unhu
  • Dominic Benhura Studio
  • Chitungwiza Arts Centre
  • Epworth Balancing Rocks
  • Shona Sculpture Gallery



Looking for a food-filled adventure while travelling in Harare? You found the right place. You are guaranteed a mouth-watering lineup of delicious food for the soul. You should already know this, BUT we will mention it anyway: we are more than what you eat, so we will infuse the culinary delight with insight into the city and places where you will eat. You are in safe hands because we too, are fanatic foodies, so it is not just a tour for us, we also want to devour the meals.

Harare is more than about the Shona food culture, it is a melting pot of cultures, and so you can also expect to eat a fusion of foods, with unique tastes derived from countries like Ethiopia, Nigeria, India, Kenya, United States, Mexico, Brazil among others. One thing is for sure, if you have had food from any of these countries, you now have to try it again with the Zimbabwean twist. In the Zimbabwean Shona language we say, “Ukama igasva, hunozadziswa nekudya” which when loosely translated refers to the act of breaking bread – tying together strangers and ensuring a long-lasting relationship. Such is the significance of food in Zimbabwe. Best of all, there are opportunities to bring a piece of Zimbabwe to your kitchen through homemade meals and cooking classes in very welcoming homes that love sharing recipes, which you may try once you return home.


  • Duration: 7 hours 30 minutes
  • # of attractions: 5
  • Travel distance: 73,5 kilometres
  • Per person cost: $46
    • Queen Maqueda’ Zimbo-Ethiopian Infusion
    • KwaMereki  Gochie Gochie (Outdoor braai/barbeque)
    • Gava’s Traditional canapes
    • Home cooked meal: with cooking class on uniquely Zimbabwe dishes
    • Jam Tree: for some wine and beer to wash down the food



It is true that there are just certain places you are never able to find and visit when you travel. Lucky for you, Tiritose has you covered! If you want to buy something for yourself, a souvenir for family back home, or just window shop and take in another aspect that makes Harare quite the unique destination, this markets tour is just for you. Tiritose ensures you get there on the right day, at the right time because timing is everything in Harare. We will take you to a fresh food farmers market, where you can enjoy freshly squeezed juice, some hibiscus tea or freshly baked whole wheat cookies. Next to it will be some Zimbabwean cotton t-shirts and curios. Don’t worry about running out of money, the next market could very well be a thrift shop for those comfortable pants to wear on the flight home.

Whatever you fancy, this tour will make sure you take a little “Zimbabwe” back home! There is something for everyone in the indoor and outdoor markets. Best of all, you will be able to bargain (rule of thumb: your first offer is half the original asking price). Harare is certainly a mecca for anybody who enjoys shopping, and we makes it less overwhelming to visitors by guiding them through and often interjecting to prevent visitors from being ripped off.


  • Duration: 5 hours 30 minutes
  • # of attractions: 9
  • Travel distance: 64 kilometres
  • Per person cost: $54
  • Maasdorp Avenue Market
  • Amanzi Craft & Farmers Market
  • Mbare Musika Fresh Fruit Market
  • Mbare Craft & Curio Market
  • Avondale Flea Market
  • Sam Levy’s Sunday Market
  • Kiki’s Gallery Collectibles Store
  • Patrick Mavros Studio
  • Mupedzanhamo Thrift Shop



Feel the heartbeat of the city that never sleeps! You got that right, Harare literally means “one who does not sleep” – not to be confused with New York! This is a unique chance to discover the romance and mysteries of Harare, you are bound to find something that tickles your fancy, regardless of your taste. The tour is customised to fit either before dinner, as part of dinner or some after-hours FUN! It is one of a kind, encompassing child friendly events such as the theatre, walk down the historical First Street during December and being mesmerised by the Christmas lights lit by the Mayor. We will visit some historical buildings, and enjoy panoramic views from the city’s skyscrapers, with some once-in-a-lifetime photo opportunities, while taking in the city’s rhythms, and dance moves.

What are you waiting for? Hit the book now button because we cannot wait to show you around!

  • Duration: 3 hours 30 minutes
  • Please inquire with us based on the highlights listed and number of people, and one of our worker or queen bee will revert back with a quote.

We cannot wait to show you around this beautiful city of ours, which gets even more beautiful after sunset!

    • Joina City
    • Meikles Hotel
    • Monomutapa Hotel
    • National Art Gallery
    • Tin Roof
    • KwaMereki Gochie Gochie
    • Pariah State
    • Jam Tree
    • Queen of Hearts: The Horse Box
    • Pabloz
    • 1+1
    • Bar Rouge
    • Chitungwiza Garden Leisure Centre



You are travelling with your children and cannot seem to find what to do with them that they will enjoy? We have you covered! We have great relationships with all the top spots for children of all ages, and we will be able to customise the tour according to the age and interests that you and your children have.


  • Duration: 8 hours
  • # of attractions: 6
  • Travel distance: 109 Kilometres
  • Per person cost: $83
    • Greenwood park
    • Discovereum Children’s Museum
    • Benjy’s
    • Tamba Tamba (soft play)
    • Zimbabwe National Museum of Human Science
    • The Shona Sculpture Gallery
    • Kuimba Shiri Bird Park
    • Mukuvisi Woodlands
    • Lion & Cheater Park
    • National Botanical Garden

they came, they EXPERIENCED, they loved it!

Tiritose is amazing, and as for Zimbabwe, I have no words. I have really enjoyed my time here, from going to Pari (largest public hospital), and Ecosurgica (upmarket specialty private clinic), and then our in Magunje in the rural areas, and awww! the excursions. Best internship ever.


It is a good programme for experiencing real Zimbabwean life and local culture. Especially for people who enjoy educating and playing with kids, as well as someone who intend to expand their knowledge on floras and faunas


"Harare may not be the first gap year destination on your mind, but I have been blown away during my time here. It is a beautiful country, with the best climate I've experienced yet and the friendliest people"


"Zimbabwe has given me so much more than a volunteering exercise, its broadened my horizons and taught me so much about the human spirit and … oh! along the way I’ve worked with some inspirational people with a vision to have addiction treatment delivered in this country. So I have to come back, again and again to see this vision and dream realised"


"My time with the children? Well, where can I start? Number 1, they defintiely changed my life, I saw life from their own eyes, so innocent and full of hope. I was just happy to play big brother to them all. Remembering my third grade vocabulary wasn't as easy as I thought it would be haha!"



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