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A Guide to Responsible Travel & Studying Abroad

Tiritose means ‘we are together’ in the Zimbabwean Shona language, and facilitates the exchange of ideas, skills, and information between Zimbabwe and the rest of the world through volunteering, internships, service learning and faculty-led educational tours.

Tiritose is a not-for-profit entity striving to match passion with purpose for the volunteers coming to Zimbabwe by finding the perfect placement that will inspire growth in both the volunteer and the work placement site.

Being the only organisation in Zimbabwe providing turnkey responsible travel opportunities ensures that you will have a time of your life in Zimbabwe. The Tiritose staff have great knowledge of the best spots to visit in Zimbabwe, and a comprehensive understanding of the local culture and history, making them the number one choice for exploring the Southern African country.

The organisation fulfils the purpose of taking Zimbabwe out of isolation from good healthcare, resources, and overall communication with the world.

Our aim is to bring people together of all ages from different backgrounds with different perspectives to start a dialogue,” Wesley Maraire says. He is the Founder & Chief Worker Bee of Tiritose and it was his time studying and working in Cape Town, a cultural melting pot, that inspired him to start such dialogues.

Along with some friends, Wesley started a business that helped integrate international students into the Capetonian environment through providing volunteering opportunities to uplift local communities. These initiatives enabled communities to receive help from foreign nationals, who in turn learnt a lot from them as well, especially the spirit of Ubuntu / Unhu.


In order to fulfil his vision, Wesley has gone about entering Tiritose into agreements with local Zimbabwean organisations that are not able to use permanent staff. Tiritose places volunteers at such organisations in order to give the organisations opportunities to employ permanent staff down the road once they build enough capacity.

These placements give both volunteers and companies time to share ideas and skills that will keep them growing and giving everyone memories that last a lifetime.

Tiritose received endorsement from the Ministry of Higher & Tertiary Education, Science & Technology Development as the third-party provider of international exchange and facilitate exchanges for, and on behalf of institutions of higher learning in Zimbabwe. Through the study abroad programme, students studying at institutions around the world are able to enrol at a Zimbabwean institution for a semester or two, whilst taking credit-bearing courses.

Individuals & groups are invited to come explore educational tours that last between two to eight weeks, covering fields such as medicine, environment, conservation, business management and economics. Tiritose provides pre-departure and in-country orientation, accommodation, field trips and other excursions. So come, explore Zimbabwe with Tiritose!

Nothing reveals that deep down, we are all the same than bringing people with different perspectives together and working towards a common goal. After all, we are always stronger together than apart’

For more information about Tiritose, international volunteering, internships and study abroad in Zimbabwe, please visit the website: https://www.tiritose.org/.


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