Turn a vacation to Africa into an unforgettable teaching and learning experience by coming to Zimbabwe and doing an internship or volunteering in schools. Zimbabwe is among African countries with the highest literacy rate, with over 90% of the population able to read and write. The economy has suffered a major decline in recent years and that has had a direct impact on the education system. This gives an opportunity to those who are interested in participating in our volunteering and internship programmes. Volunteers and interns play a huge part in preparing pre-school children from underserved communities to be classroom ready, they support existing teachers with class planning, assist with feeding programmes as well as after-school activities.

Tiritose is an organisation that works with those who travel from all over the world wanting to intern or volunteer in Zimbabwe. We facilitate everything from pre-departure orientation, your arrival, accommodation, and entertainment as well as see you through whichever programme you choose. We are there with you up to the day you leave Zimbabwe, and continue to connect with you even after your departure.

Customised Programmes

Tiritose is your desired partner for internationalising your school, broadening your students’ horizon, and keeping in line with your institutional academic needs. Tiritose collaborates with faculty to create customised programmes that pick up from where the curriculum stops. Our programmes challenge students’ intellect and cultural understanding, whilst fitting in with your budget as well as school schedule.

The collaborative programme is set up to overcome the common impediments to learning abroad: budgetary, cultural and curriculum differences. Tiritose as your partner ensures you generate maximum value from the learning experience by leveraging its extensive network, both local and international expertise in education and development work – within a diverse range of educational fields. Working with and through Tiritose ensures faculty staff may focus on the core business of teaching, knowing Tiritose effectively handles all the logistics.

A one-size-fits-all approach does not apply to service learning overseas programmes. Tiritose collaborates with faculty staff to create short summer, winter, mid-semester to full semester programmes that meet faculty objectives by fully immersing students in a new environment regardless of academic discipline. Our in-house faculty staff, and affiliation with universities in Zimbabwe as well as extensive work with European and American institutions enables us to process credit-transfers, including an academic transcript, something that goes a long to ensure that the trip to Africa is not a mere vacation, but a rewarding learning experience.

Going abroad presents a chance to discover amazing travel destinations, make new friends, immerse yourself in another country and most importantly, a perfect opportunity to grow, as you will be more adept at learning and managing atypical experiences. It is an opportunity to experience the world from a different lens and fully immerse yourself in new cultures and environments, all of which are essential tools to self-discovery and building well-rounded and responsible citizens.

For a needs assessment form that allows us to develop a bespoke faculty-led programme, service learning or group tour to Africa, please click here, or send an email to:

You probably spent a semester or a year abroad yourself when you were a student, or perhaps you have only heard of study abroad programmes. Living in another country is a fantastic way for your child to acquire international experience, gain independence, learn new languages and cultures through their host families and new environments. This experience counts in a student’s favour when applying to or graduating from university and gives them the much-needed competitive edge. BUT, don’t take our word for it, here it from our alumni who upon finishing high school spent a month in Zimbabwe on our programme and managed to get into the competitive Johns Hopkins University.

If you are excited, and your child is equally excited about stepping out of their comfort zone, discover the unknown, and keen on learning in a new community – going abroad presents the perfect opportunity.

Gap Year abroad

Imagine waking up for an African Fitness (AfroFit) class, having a good breakfast and then learning a new language in the same morning, volunteering- learning to serve others and making an impact on someone’s life in the afternoon and hiking during sunset. Imagine preparing a family meal either at a hostel or with your host family, that has integrated you into their own community. Imagine finishing off the night watching stars under the clear Zimbabwean skies or at an open-air cinema. Just imagine a gap year abroad with Tiritose.

Gap Year after High School

It is not uncommon to want to explore your limits and discover your true passions after high school. Develop skills, travel and have life experiences that fully prepare you for the next phase of your life.

Gap Year after University

The demands of coursework, extracurricular activities and those part-time jobs that helped you through university leave you feeling run-down after graduation. You have done yourself and your parents proud and now it is time to have break from routine, helping you to refocus and gather perspective on life beyond university.

they came, they EXPERIENCED, they loved it!

Tiritose is amazing, and as for Zimbabwe, I have no words. I have really enjoyed my time here, from going to Pari (largest public hospital), and Ecosurgica (upmarket specialty private clinic), and then our in Magunje in the rural areas, and awww! the excursions. Best internship ever.


It is a good programme for experiencing real Zimbabwean life and local culture. Especially for people who enjoy educating and playing with kids, as well as someone who intend to expand their knowledge on floras and faunas


"Harare may not be the first gap year destination on your mind, but I have been blown away during my time here. It is a beautiful country, with the best climate I've experienced yet and the friendliest people"


"Zimbabwe has given me so much more than a volunteering exercise, its broadened my horizons and taught me so much about the human spirit and … oh! along the way I’ve worked with some inspirational people with a vision to have addiction treatment delivered in this country. So I have to come back, again and again to see this vision and dream realised"


"My time with the children? Well, where can I start? Number 1, they defintiely changed my life, I saw life from their own eyes, so innocent and full of hope. I was just happy to play big brother to them all. Remembering my third grade vocabulary wasn't as easy as I thought it would be haha!"



Big Blue Zimbabwe – a day on Lake Kariba

October has been exceptionally dry. A local idiom designates the suffering of animals, vegetation,and people during the ‘suicide month’. The midlands has no other water to offer than theoccasional small creeks, gradually stagnating under the road bridges between the...

Getting in contact – Making a Change

My friend, Helene and I arrived in Harare in September 2018, working on an international project concerning reduction of the prevalence of HIV among adolescents in Zimbabwe. We want to get a broad perspective on the issues of HIV, and how it affect the society and the...

The Heartbeat Project

​The youth of Zimbabwe are an integral part of our vision at Tiritose. One of the very first initiatives we got underway had to involve the youth and students. The HeartBeat project focuses on developing the concept of servant leadership within the Zimbabwean youth....



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