Africa has the highest rate of  malnutrition, HIV, high child mortality and poor education. Do you know that you too can be involved in making a difference to help prevent and tackle these problems?

The Integrated Early Childhood Development & Health volunteering & internship programme has created over 200 pre-schools, which are now serving over 18,000 children. The country-wide HIV Pandemic has claimed the lives of many parents, leaving most grandparents taking care of the more than 1 million HIV-affected orphans. This programme supports such orphans and their caregivers, and opens up opportunities for volunteers and interns seeking to work within communities. Some of the work involves renovating classrooms, while training community members to become teachers at the pre-schools, which are established within an existing school. The programme literally converts a kindergarten into a healthcare centre! Ownership of these programmes remains within local communities, ensuring the sustainability of the programmes long after development partners, interns and volunteers have left Zimbabwe.

Volunteers and interns will join the local staff in providing children with a stimulating early childhood learning experience, immunisation and routine medical checks. Additionally, the children receive protein and vitamin-fortified daily meals prepared by volunteers and interns. UNICEF recognised the achievements of this project with a 2010 “Best Practice Award” after reviewing 77 similar programmes in Southern Africa.

Background to the Programme

The Trust was established in 1966 and has gone through various transitions to date. It now focuses on tackling the toughest challenges responding to threats to child survival, healthy growing and ensuring educational opportunities.

The programme is located within four districts in Mashonaland West Province: Zvimba, Mhondoro Ngezi, Chegutu and Sanyati.

Highlights of the Programme
  • Provide support to children, youth, and educators in Zimbabwe
    Support local community workers with fulfilling their duties

  • Leave with a viable result, such as a repainted classroom, and first-hand experience, which will assist you in fundraising for the programme once you return home

  • Assist medical professionals with medical checks and immunising children

  • Make friends for life with the local people as well as other volunteers from all over the world

As a Volunteer / Intern you get to:

You will work at kindergartens with a difference, where children from under-resourced households receive medical checks and nutritious meals free of charge! From supporting medical professionals with conducting medical checks, to assisting early childhood learning teachers with feeding and leading class sessions! You will also be involved with supporting community members such as grandparents taking care of orphaned children. We expect volunteers and interns to lead fundraising activities both while they are still at the project as well as when they return to their home country. “It takes a village to raise a child” African Idiom

they came, they EXPERIENCED, they loved it!

Tiritose is amazing, and as for Zimbabwe, I have no words. I have really enjoyed my time here, from going to Pari (largest public hospital), and Ecosurgica (upmarket specialty private clinic), and then our in Magunje in the rural areas, and awww! the excursions. Best internship ever.


It is a good programme for experiencing real Zimbabwean life and local culture. Especially for people who enjoy educating and playing with kids, as well as someone who intend to expand their knowledge on floras and faunas


"Harare may not be the first gap year destination on your mind, but I have been blown away during my time here. It is a beautiful country, with the best climate I've experienced yet and the friendliest people"


"Zimbabwe has given me so much more than a volunteering exercise, its broadened my horizons and taught me so much about the human spirit and … oh! along the way I’ve worked with some inspirational people with a vision to have addiction treatment delivered in this country. So I have to come back, again and again to see this vision and dream realised"


"My time with the children? Well, where can I start? Number 1, they defintiely changed my life, I saw life from their own eyes, so innocent and full of hope. I was just happy to play big brother to them all. Remembering my third grade vocabulary wasn't as easy as I thought it would be haha!"




Rise & shine: have a hearty breakfast


Feeding for the early arrivals, and help medical professionals prepare for immunisation of the children


Break time


Class continues following the lesson plan


Lunch Time


Nap Time


Home Time


Start with dinner, and time to relax and reflect on the day


You will have an option between a shared apartment or house, homestay (local family) a backpackers/hostel, or hotel. All the accommodation is comfortable and located in safe residential areas either in the city centre or a few kilometres from the nearest town.

To keep the costs low, it is advisable to share rooms. The houses, apartments and hostels are equipped with satellite TV and internet. A laundry and cleaning service is also provided.

We really make sure that you feel at home, and smoking is only allowed in the designated areas away from the house, apartment, or hostel.


Tiritose supports volunteers and interns coming to Zimbabwe and ensures that the experience is equally rewarding for yourself and our programme. Our application is split into two categories:

Volunteers – require some of the following

  • Degree / Masters / PHD in educational field, youth work, community work or related field
  • An education professional, community worker, youth worker or related field
  • Confident with planning, teaching and evaluating lessons
  • Must have work experience within an educational or community setting
    A valid police clearance from your country of residence that is no more than six (6) months old
  • Valid passport expiring at least six (6) months from the date of your intended stay in Zimbabwe

Intern – require some of the following

  • Student or training for educational degree
  • An interest and passion for working with children / youth
  • Some experience would be beneficial
  • An interest such as; art, sport, music, drama, writing, circus skills

Very Simple !!

Just fill in the application form,

Hit the button below or the one at the bottom of the page

(Apply Now)

Please start your initial inquiry at least three (3) months before your preferred start date!

Pre-departure support

We are available on-demand, around the clock to assist from initial enquiry to confirmation of your placement. You will receive information brochures on your exact destination (city) and project. You will be allocated a placement advisor who will be your point of contact throughout the process, and help you prepare for an adventure of a lifetime. 


Upon arrival, you will undergo a comprehensive programme aimed at preparing you for your stay in Zimbabwe and specifically the city/town as well as the volunteer or internship activities. This is a follow-up to the initial acquainting online orientation completed prior to arrival.

Orientation will cover transportation system, renting vehicles, appropriate dress in communities and for work. Cultural sensitivity, mutual respect and appropriate ways to carry yourself in public.

Similar to other countries with buzzing cities/towns, a little common sense and following the rules will ensure your safety. Orientation will include history of the specific area and guest stars from the Zimbabwe Republic Police will appear for further safety talks.

Orientation also marks Shona/Ndebele/Tonga 101 classes. You will achieve more especially working with kids if you can string a sentence in the native language.

You will also receive your placement schedule during orientation. However, we operate responsible volunteering and value your input and so the schedule may be evaluated using your feedback in order to have the biggest impact.

Tiritose is a one-stop-shop! We provide airport pick up, take you to your first night accommodation, and sort you out with refreshments! After a good night rest, we will start your in-country orientation, which will be done according to the needs and requirements to best prepare you for your programme placement. It’s not all paperwork though, we will make sure to show you some amazing places at the same time, giving you a glimpse to your African adventure. From your in-country orientation we will drive you to your placement site and introduce to your supervisor. We will make sure you are settled and ready to go!

Tiritose operates a shuttle service, which you may take advantage of (at a small cost) during the week as well as on weekends for your excursions.

Work hard and play hard (that’s the motto). City sightseeing and other excursions in and around your project area – there is a loads to do, and we have it all for you to explore!

We will help you plan adventures across the continent and hook you up with great specials through our various partners inside Zimbabwe as well as the rest of sub-Saharan Africa. Have a look at the tours on offer, and if you cannot find what tickles your fancy, give us a shout, and we will make it happen. 


Teachers in Zimbabwe attend class in formal dressing, males wear shirts, ties and long trousers. Female teachers are expected to wear below the knee skirts or dresses, with modest, non-revealing tops that do not show too much skin. Zimbabwe is a culturally sensitive place, and we urge volunteers and interns to be mindful of this fact, and avoid such clothing that may be deemed inappropriate for school. Volunteers/Interns need to be aware that we ask you to cover up tattoos as they may have different meanings or significance in Zimbabwe.  For males we ask you not to wear earrings during your time at the schools, and for females, a simple stud will do.


We offer monthly programmes, starting on the first Monday of each month. Programme costs are calculated on a calendar month basis in American dollars. 

Should a month be too long or too short, please enquire with us, we are here for you!

What Does The Cost Include
  • Application process
  • Pre-departure information pack
  • Airport pick-up and drop-off
  • In-country orientation: including local area tour
  • One weekend excursion
  • Accommodation (shared): including laundry, WiFi, and all utilities
  • We provide 3 meals per day in the rural placements
  • Transportation for work related travel
  • 24/7 on-ground support
  • Local sim-card
The Programme Cost Excludes
  • Flights
  • In-country transportation (upon request, we provide a shuttle service)
  • Travel and medical Insurance
  • Visas (where applicable)
  • Any other items of a personal nature

Tiritose operates & runs ethical programmes, ensuring responsible travellers who want to enjoy a holiday, whilst contributing to the local communities, environment & wildlife conservation efforts, do so in a safe & sustainable way.

We are the most transparent organisation as a registered non-profit organisation. 70% of the volunteer fee goes directly towards programme running costs, something you will gain an appreciation of when you arrive in Zimbabwe. 30% is utilised to ensure we prepare for your induction, health & safety as well as staff salaries. Although the operations cost more money to run, we operate a lean model to ensure maximum contribution to the programme.


Contact Tiritose for further information about education focussed programmes at any of the programme sites. If you have found your own internship placement or volunteering opportunity in Zimbabwe, we can still assist with accommodation arrangements, airport pickups and leisure tours when you have some free time. We have friendly and energetic worker and queen bees who are passionate about Zimbabwe, they will answer all your questions and will be able to take you to all the places you may be curious about☺.


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