Medical Internships and Volunteering

Are you a student or medical professional? With us, you can contribute to urban and rural medical care in Zimbabwe. Make a positive impact with your knowledge and experience. Our programmes turn experiential learning into an adventure.


Instead of just observing wild animals on an African safari – get involved and care for them! You can work with local communities and help implement conservation programmes.


Learn through making a real positive impact. Our educators and local faculty members will teach you new skills whilst channeling your abilities to areas where you can truly make a difference.


Go on an adventure with us! Your journey will not only be fun – it will also be meaningful. Revenue from our tours is invested in genuine social and environmental impact programmes. You’ll not only see natural wonders and experience culture you’ll also help create real and lasting change!

Tiritose is bringing Zimbabwe out of isolation by creating volunteer opportunities. By engaging skilled individuals, implementing experiential learning and contributing funds, we improve Zimbabwe’s healthcare, education and the conservation of both wildlife and the environment.  Our programmes emphasise the country’s strengths in the face of a challenging economic situation that its people are facing bravely and with creative solutions. We bring people from across the world together to invest their skills and ideas into moving Zimbabwe forward. 

Immersive Social and Environmental Impact Programmes

Our volunteer and internship programmes engage individuals from varied backgrounds and with different perspectives. Together, participants exchange ideas and gain life-changing experience.

Above all else, Tiritose does not sell poverty. We encourage collaboration between visitors and local communities.

Customised Programmes

With Tiritose, your international efforts can become more genuine and meaningful. Our programmes make education dynamic and experiential. Your institution’s academic objectives can be realised whilst your students can start making a real-life impact with their knowledge. Our organisation works collaboratively with your faculty to create customised programmes. Together, we’ll exchange culture, intellectual perspectives and development strategies. Whilst working towards these positive goals, we’ll also be mindful of your budget and schedule.

You can count on us to overcome differences and barriers and find common ground. Tiritose maintains an extensive local and international network and brings together experts in development work as well as educators from a diverse range of fields. With us, your faculty can focus on teaching and management while Tiritose handles the logistics and works locally to realise our common goals.

We’re aware that offering the same programmes to everyone doesn’t work that great – especially because people come to us from overseas. That’s why we collaborate with faculty and staff to create short Summer, Winter, mid-semester and full semester programmes that meet their objectives. Tiritose fully immerses students in new environments across a wide range of academic disciplines. We employ dedicated staff members that liaise with educational institutions. We’re officially affiliated with universities in Zimbabwe, and we work extensively with European and American institutions. We issue academic transcripts and work directly with your institution to meet credit transfer requirements. Instead of your effort remaining merely a memory of a great vacation, we help you obtain practical and long-term results! Our team ensures that your learning experiences get recognised and help propel you forward.

Volunteering abroad presents an opportunity to grow through unique experiences. You’ll discover unique destinations, make new friends and become immersed in the local culture. Discover more about yourself by learning to adapt to a new environment and way of life – whilst also working to make a real positive impact.

If you’re interested in one of our educational, service learning, or impact-focused tourism programmes, please click here or send an email to

You may have studied or volunteered abroad yourself – or perhaps you have only heard of volunteer abroad programmes through friends or found them by searching online. Students benefit from international internships by becoming more independent and conscious of the world they live in as a result of interacting with new cultures and languages. Gap year programmes help new graduates decide their future path – and can also solidify learned knowledge with real-life experience. International volunteer opportunities and experience provide a competitive edge for university or post-graduate programme applicants. We can proudly share that our alumni have been accepted into prestigious institutions such as Johns Hopkins University. Apart from the many advantages our programmes offer – what makes us unique is our impact focus and our intensive efforts in ensuring safety.

We maintain an extensive insurance policy that covers all of our programmes. Please also read through our Child Protection Policy. We look forward to communicating with you, answering your questions and addressing all of your concerns.

Going abroad creates opportunity for discovery, learning and meaningful impact.

Lasting impact: benefit that goes full-circle – what our participants have shared:

Tiritose is amazing, and as for Zimbabwe, I have no words. I have really enjoyed my time here, from going to Pari (largest public hospital), and Ecosurgica (upmarket specialty private clinic), and then our in Magunje in the rural areas, and awww! the excursions. Best internship ever.


It is a good programme for experiencing real Zimbabwean life and local culture. Especially for people who enjoy educating and playing with kids, as well as someone who intend to expand their knowledge on floras and faunas

Gavin Lau

"Harare may not be the first gap year destination on your mind, but I have been blown away during my time here. It is a beautiful country, with the best climate I've experienced yet and the friendliest people"

Katie Heywood

"Zimbabwe has given me so much more than a volunteering exercise, its broadened my horizons and taught me so much about the human spirit and … oh! along the way I’ve worked with some inspirational people with a vision to have addiction treatment delivered in this country. So I have to come back, again and again to see this vision and dream realised"

Amanda J Thomas

"My time with the children? Well, where can I start? Number 1, they defintiely changed my life, I saw life from their own eyes, so innocent and full of hope. I was just happy to play big brother to them all. Remembering my third grade vocabulary wasn't as easy as I thought it would be haha!"

Yusuf Iya



Let’s go on an adventure and explore together while making a real difference! Our tours help fund genuine social and environmental benefit initiatives. Together, we can also visit some interesting tourist attractions and great annual events – and share aspects of the country’s history and heritage. Zimbabwe is also home to several UNESCO World Heritage Sites, natural escapes close to the city, wildlife sanctuaries and national parks. Check out our Modern Guide to learn more.




Getting in contact – Making a Change

My friend, Helene and I arrived in Harare in September 2018, working on an international project concerning reduction of the prevalence of HIV among adolescents in Zimbabwe. We want to get a broad perspective on the issues of HIV, and how it affect the society and the...


Done with University, I had to ask myself WHAT NOW?  Selfies, Facebook Likes, or a local girlfriend are quite tempting reasons to volunteer abroad. If any of these are your reasons for volunteering abroad, then I advise you stay in your home country and have a...

Getting in contact – Making a Change

My friend, Helene and I arrived in Harare in September 2018, working on an international project concerning reduction of the prevalence of HIV among adolescents in Zimbabwe. We want to get a broad perspective on the issues of HIV, and how it affect the society and the...



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